Turning Points Or Tipping Points?

I was watching a Frank Kern video last night, where he talked about making a decision that changed his life–and it impacted a number of his friends. And they made decisions that impacted his life. And so on.

But do most of us actually make decisions? Do we really decide what we want and go after it? Or do we drift along until the current becomes overwhelming and we are thrown onto a new path (more a tipping point than a turning point)?

In my younger days, my life was largely one of drifting into the tipping points. I’ve never been afraid to make a decision, but so many of them were “bad” decisions because they were so heavily influenced by the subconscious emotions.

More and more, I am moving into a world, where I make decisions consciously. That is not to say that my conscious mind has taken over for the subconscious. I am not so naive to believe that such a thing is even possible–nor would I want it. No, I am saying that I have cleaned out enough of the garbage and crap in the subconscious that I can now communicate with it in ways not possible before.

And this clean up, this taking out the mental garbage, has been almost totally done with NLP techniques. For that, I am truly thankful.

That is what NLP has done for me.