What Would A Coma Be Like?

Have you ever thought about that? I have. My mother’s oldest sister died a terrible death. She had worked in a plastics factory where she was exposed to some pretty awful chemicals. It was one of those things that would be hell to prove in court, but the family always figured that those chemicals contributed to her health problems. The doctors did not have a clue what had happened to her.

Her body just got rigid. She could not move anything except her eyes. Couldn’t talk. Couldn’t clean herself. Couldn’t feed herself. Not so much as even lifting a finger. But her eyes moved. She would look at you. It was obvious she knew everything that was going on around her. She was a prisoner in a body that just refused to function. To me, that would be a total Hell. If there was anything good about it, she did not last long.

I suppose that would not really count as a coma. But, now, it turns out that some “vegetative state” victims may be experiencing something far closer to what my aunt experienced than the medical community would have supposed.

Somebody got the idea to hook up some sophisticated brain monitors to a bunch of these patients. Then, the researchers began to talk to the patients and tell them to think about different activities. In a “normal” brain, different parts of the brain “lights up” depending on what the person thinks about: For instance, playing tennis versus listening to a concert.

For most of the patients, asking them to think about different activities did nothing to the brain waves. But for a few (20-30%), the reaction was the same as for a “normal” brain. And in at least one case, the researchers were able to set up signals for yes and no. They asked detailed questions about his life before his head injury. He answered every question accurately. Sounds awfully close to what went on with my aunt.

The study was published in a recent New England Journal of Medicine. There is a fairly detailed article about it on the Washington Post web site. Here is the link for the article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/03/AR2010020302887.html?wpisrc=nl_headline

It will be interesting to see where this research leads in the next few months. There could be huge breakthroughs in the treatment of these cases.

Hypnotists have been using “finger signals” for years to get yes/no answers from the subconscious and bypass the conscious mind. In fact, hypnosis is so effective largely because we communicate directly with the subconscious. At that level, it is easy to change things.

What about your life would you like to change?


Breathing? How Much Do You Think About It?

Most of us think that we are reasonably smart. We are all very proud of our conscious mind and all the wonderful problems that we solve with it. We want to think that it runs our lives and does all the important things. It is our badge of accomplishment. Big joke!
How long would you survive if you had to breath consciously? How long would you live if you had to remind yourself to “breathe in . . . now breathe out.” Breathing is best left up to the subconscious! So, too, for activities like swinging a golf club, “copying” Morse Code, and a million other things. Get that precious conscious mind out of the way, and let the subconscious do its thing!
So what is the big deal about about the unconscious? Why do some people (hypnotists and psychologists, for instance) always talk about it? Take a trip over to your local college or university. Somewhere on campus there is the psychology department. Go there and find an expert on consciousness. Ask them.
They’re going to tell you that the average person can be aware of 7+ or -2 things. In other words, you can be aware (conscious) of 5 to 9 things at any given time. Then ask the expert how much information is actually coming into your whole nervous system. How much information is coming in to all the different parts of your “internal Internet?” (Your body is much more like the Internet than it is the old model of the brain as a central computer.)
And they’re going to tell you that there is somewhere between 2 billion and 4 billion bits of information coming into the nervous system every second. So you’ve got, say, 3 billion bits of information coming into your nervous system every second. And you are only consciously aware of 7+ or -2 chunks of it? So, doesn’t that tell you that there is a lot more going on in your unconscious?
Let me give you an example. I’m not sure what the 5 to 9 things are that you’re aware of right now. But I’m going to assume that you’re sitting in a chair. Now, chances are, until I mention it, you are not at all aware of the feeling of pressure, where your butt and the backs of your legs touch the chair. And if you’re leaning back against the back of the chair, where your back touches the chair. But as soon as I mention it, you suddenly become aware of it.
I’m also assuming that you have some clothing on. You could become aware of the difference in skin temperature, where your clothing covers your skin and wear your skin is bare. You can become aware of that, can you not? You were aware of neither of these until I brought them up. But they suddenly moved into that 7+ or – 2 set, and chances are something dropped out of that set.
This is the way a hypnotist works with you to get you to focus on the areas that you need to focus on to make changes in your life. We skillfully shift your attention from one thing to another.
Next time we’ll talk about the “stuff” in your subconscious that could ruin your life. (Don’t panic, it can be fixed.)

Why Bother With Past Lives?

First of all, let me say that I do not necessarily believe in past lives? But you should also know that I do not necessarily believe in planets or stars, virginity, childhood or the Easter Bunny. They may or may not be there, too. I’m fine with that. Or, maybe they are not there until someone notices them? And do they go away if we all stop noticing them? Could be.

But here is what I do know. Your subconscious mind believes in what we call past lives, whether you do or not. How do I know this? As a hypnotist, I’ve spent a lot of hours talking to subconscious minds. They are a hell of a lot more entertaining than most conscious ones. (There is another concept to question its existence: hell.)

One of the things that hypnotists do is ask the subconscious mind “what is the source of the problem that you are experiencing?” Sometimes the subconscious goes back to childhood, but many times it says it is something that happened before you got to this planet. And since most of us did not show up here on a star ship, it follows that . . .

And if you go back and locate an incident (memory) in a past life, clear up the energy on that memory, and now the problem goes away, then is not that reason enough to mess with past lives. And the flip side of that coin is that if you do not clear up the past life memory, the problem persists no matter what else you do.

So, why bother with Past Lives? To make this life better.  I have an upcoming training program focused on how to clean up PL patterns quickly. Here is the link:


Bagger Vance And The Grade School Softball Game

I had a session with my coach, Lynn, today. She has been helping me with a problem area in my life. There was something related to my business that I should have done but did not do. So, she asked me what I was thinking and feeling when I came up with ways to avoid doing it.

I answered that it was fear. “So, where does the fear come from?” As soon as she said that, a memory flashed across my mind. It was something I had not thought of in years, maybe decades. I was back in the fourth grade. It was lunch time, and we had a softball game going. The school was 1 – 8, so I was probably one of the younger kids playing ball.

I was at third base. The ball came to me, and I knew I needed to throw it to the catcher. So, I made a perfect throw to first base! A teacher was pitching or supervising or something. He started to ridicule me. I was totally humiliated. Right then and there, that 10-year-old kid decided that it was not safe to try new things. The only safety was in avoiding doing anything where I might screw up.

As I sat there running that memory through my mind, the emotion attached to it was overwhelming. Then, I began to flash forward to other times when that little bit of neurology had been activated for one reason or another. Avoid pain, avoid acting–it said. For fifty years that little memory fragment had dictated behavior. It had limited me. It had held me back.

Was it right? Was it true? Was it valid. HELL, no. But that part of me was functioning at the level of a 10-year-old. At that level, it was true. As long as it stayed in my subconscious, as long as it stayed in the dark, it operated automatically. But I could feel it dissolving in the light of day.

And there was another part of me, an older part, that was infuriated with this behavior. That older part raged against this childish belief. And I could see instantly that the rage of that older part of me forced the 10-year-old to rigidly hold onto his belief.  What a perfect system to insure that I would set severe limits for myself!

As I sat there struggling to keep my composure, Lynn and I both knew that something wonderful had just happened. Something shifted. I know my life will never be the same.

Tonight, I went and got that 10-year-old. We spent about 15 minutes cleaning up the trail he had left in my life. The clean up is easy with NLP techniques. Fast, quick, powerful! <http://www.success-is-easy.com/training_programs.htm&gt;

No wonder I have such a deep identification with The Legend of Bagger Vance. “Your heart is kind, Junah. You have seen the agony of war and you wish never again to harm anything or anyone. So, you choose not to act. As if by that choice, you will cause no harm. This intention is admirable as far as it goes, but it fails to  apprehend the deeper imperative of life. Life is action, Junah. Even choosing not to act, we act. We cannot do otherwise. Therefore, act with vigor!” (From: The Legend of Bagger Vance)

Deep Mind, Some Mind, Never Mind

I was talking to my coach the other day — sure, I have one, doesn’t everyone?  I was telling her of my fascination with the subconscious mind, and how strange it is sometimes. We had been working on a problem that had plagued me for a long time, but until she guided me through some simple exercises, I had never gotten to the root of it. Once I got to the root (via timeline  regression), it was obvious that as a 2-year-old, I had totally misunderstood a conversation my Dad was having with my Mom.

Now, keep in mind this was something that my subconscious had “ranted and raved” about for those 58 intervening years. Unknowingly, I had organized a big chunk of my life around this silly incident. But once the examined in broad daylight by the conscious mind, the subconscious saw the absurdity of it. Basically, the response of the subconscious was something to the effect of “Oh, never mind.” In an instant, I reorganized that whole aspect of my life. Ah, the power of NLP!

Anyway, I was telling my coach how this reminded me of a character from the early days of Saturday Night Live, Emily Latella (Gilda Radner). She would come on the fake news as a citizen presenting an “Op Ed” piece.  She would rant and rave until Chevy Chase or Jane Curtain would turn to her and say something like, “Emily, The Boston Patriots are a football team, not a militia squad.” Emily would go from rage to reflection in a split second, ponder things for a second or two, and then say, “Oh, never mind.”

The web being what it is, I found a couple of clips with Emily in them. They are posted on my web site at http://www.success-is-easy.com/training_programs.htm. Stop by and have a look at them. Some of the best comedy bits ever done on TV, IMHO.

And they give you some real insight into the functioning of the subconscious mind. They also give you an idea of why many of the NLP techniques work so darn fast. It seems like magic, but the truth of the matter is that your subconscious mind is like a character from SNL. (And so is my subconscious, and everyones.) That is why they are posted on the page describing my NLP Class. NLP happens in the real world.

I’m Peter O’Dell, and you are not — it is a gag from SNL — you gray beards will get it, youngsters should look for the DVDs from the early seasons.