NLP & Sports–Golf

NLP has always been concerned with excellence. That dedication is one of the core conecpts of modeling, is it not? So, it is not surprising that many of us become fascinated with sports. Not the usual fascination, with batting avreages and free throw percentages and things like that.

No, the NLPer wants to know what the athelete is doing inside his mind as he plays. Let’s set natural talent aside: for instance, in tennis Nadal has shots and moves in a way that say, Justin Gimblestob, never could no matter how much he practiced. There are physical differences from one person to the next. But, I would argue, those differences are far less of the outcome than what goes on inside the mind.

Being in Florida, you cannot swing a dead cat around without hitting a golfer–golf courses are everywhere. I live across the street from one–and I am not a golfer. But I have worked with a lot of them to help improve their game. In the same vein, I have worked with a lot of pregnant women to help them prepare for childbirth, even though it is physically impossible for me to become pregnant!

Most golf gurus tell their students to focus on some particular part of the body during the swing. The body has between 650 and 690 muscles (different text books give different numbers).  Six-fifty is the bottom one, so let’s stick with it. How many things can you consciosuly be aware of? It is the old 7+ or – 2 rule. The conscious mind is going to be over whelmed real fast!

That is just one of the mental mistakes golfers make. I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the Top Ten Mental Mistakes golfers make. I just did a press release on this list. If you want to take a look at it, here is the link: