Thought Forms? Is There Anything Else?

Lynn, my coach, said something to me during our first session that has stuck with me. She said that the longer she worked in these areas (NLP, Hypnosis, therapy, etc.), the more convinced she is that it is all about energy. I did not immediately buy or reject that idea.

I think of having a mental shelf somewhere in my cavernous brain. If I am not sure about an idea, I put it there. Later on, I pull it down, dust it off and take another look.

So, if I step back and look at what I know works, something interesting comes to light.  Here is what I am thinking.

EFT works. Tap on energy meridians in certain patterns, and problems go away. BTW, I am not an advocate of EFT–it has always seemed too cumbersome for me. I know that Tadd James’s Timeline Therapy works. Dissociate like hell, float behind the incident on your timeline, look at the timeline until the distortion goes away. When the distortion is gone, so is the problem.

Parts Integration works.  So does the Fast Phobia Cure.  Running a movie backwards makes the problem go away?? Move your eyes to extremem positions while thinking about a problem makes it go away.  Mess with the kino submodalities of a problem can make it go away.

And it does not even have to be this lifetime (timeline). You can go back and clear past-life timelines. For that matter, it does not even have to be “your” timeline. You can do it other people’s timelines.

And recently, I have been using sacred prayers to clean out problems–Not the kind of praying they taught you in Sunday School. The kind that Gregg Braden talks about.

No analysis. No logical thinking. Just doing these different modalities makes a problem go away. What the hell is going on?

The more I think about it, the more it all sounds like Thought Forms. Okay, before you start posting comments, let me define what I am calling “Thought Forms.” It is just mental energy that is organized along some idea and probably has a strong emotional content to it. Organized, emotionalized mental energy that sort of takes on a “life” of its own. It is life-like without actually being alive.

In my mind, I visualize it akin to balloons filled with a slimey, yuckey, heavy energy inside. Pop the balloon (break up the organization) and the energy just drains away.

So, doesn’t that bring us to the door steps of magic and Shamanism?

Is there anything else?