Three Ways Hypnosis Can Transform Your Life

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that all people enter and leave several times each day. Unfortunately, few recognize and make positive use of the benefits that this state of being offers.

Hypnosis can be viewed from different vantage points. From a bio-feedback perspective, hypnosis occurs as the brain waves fall back from normal Beta consciousness (a wide-awake state) into Alpha and Theta levels (light, dreamy sleep-like). We pass through this state each night when we fall asleep. And we reverse the process in the morning when we awaken. Daydreaming and similar activities are signs of naturally reentering this state at other times during the day.

From an awareness viewpoint, hypnosis occurs as the attention span focuses down to essentially one thing, while the analytical mind is being distracted from critically monitoring what is going on. If we have ever “become lost” in a TV program, movie or book, we have been hypnotized. The person experiencing hypnosis may lose his sense of time, feeling that hours have passed in seconds or that seconds have passed in hours. At one time or another we have all had these hypnotic experiences while driving. Some of us may experience this condition while working, particularly if we are deeply involved in our work (or if it is extremely repetitive and boring). Other characteristics of hypnosis may include losing awareness of one’s body or one’s location.

Anyone who can follow simple instructions can be hypnotized, but some people do seem to make better subjects than others. Artists, writers, and others involved in creative endeavors seem to be unusually adept at achieving a deep trance state quickly. Likewise, insecure individuals who fear losing control may tend to block the process initially. Often these individuals are associated with occupations that demand high levels of logic and demand rigidity. In the final analysis, the only ones who cannot be hypnotized are those incapable of cooperating or those who choose not to cooperate.

From a therapeutic stance, hypnosis can be used to induce change in a person’s life. This is possible because under hypnosis, even in a light trance, the average person is at least 25 times more suggestible than in the waking state. Furthermore, most of the “filtering” of the logical mind is momentarily reoriented, which is also conducive to change. Hypnosis can help a person in the following ways:

1. Hypnosis may be used to add something to life that is missing. An example might be someone who would like to develop a personal exercise program but lacks the motivation to do so. Hypnosis could be used to help the subject build a powerful burning desire to exercise.

2. Hypnosis may be used to take something away. For instance, someone might be interested in stopping smoking. A skilled hypnotist can help the subject lose his interest in smoking and change his self-image into that of a non-smoker.

3. It may be used to release a person from irrational fears and other forms of limiting beliefs. As an illustration, suppose that a subject has a beautiful voice and would love to sing publicly, but is afraid of the audience. Hypnosis could be used to release the subject from the bondage of his fears regardless of the source, allowing him to become the person that he has been inside.

To summarize, hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that with skillful guidance can be used productively by the population at large. Objectively, it involves moving the brain-wave activity down from wide awake (Beta) to that area half-way between being asleep and awake (Alpha and Theta). Subjectively, it involves narrowing down the focus of attention to one thing and redirecting the critical mind temporarily disabling normal filters. Bright, creative, flexible people seem to make the best subjects. However, almost anyone can be hypnotized given a desire to enter an altered state and a willingness to participate. From a therapeutic perspective, hypnosis can be used to add something to a person’s life, remove something from it, or release a person from binding fears so that he may express his true self.

The TRUTH about HYPNOSIS is that it is a natural, safe, effective means to achieve rapid change in your life. Take a moment and think about some part of your life you want to change. Just imagine what it will be like when that problem is in the past. Doesn’t that feel good? You can make that a reality by picking up the phone and calling for an appointment now.


I Remember The First Time I Did It

I suppose I started fantasizing about it in high school. But I was alone, and, of course, you can do it to yourself, but there is nothing like doing it to someone else. I was socially inept, so I spent a lot of time alone with my fantasies.

But the first time I did it with another human being was years later. I was married—oh, wait, your mind is in the wrong place. I’m talking about hypnosis and hypnotizing someone else. You just have a dirty mind, don’t you? <g> Well, so do I, but I digress.

I had been doing self-hypnosis since high school, although I may not have quite understood that this is what I was doing. I just called it relaxing my mind.

Anyway, my wife and I were working for the same company and commuting together. One evening as I was driving home in rush-hour traffic at 70 MPH, she was bitching about her day. And she was not calming down.

So, I just started saying out loud to her the words that I had been using on myself for all those years. After a few minutes of “doing an induction” off the top of my head, I glanced over to see that her head was slumped over onto her chest. Wow!!!

I kept talking to her about how relaxed she was and how none of “that stuff” mattered. And then I “counted her out” like I had done for myself so many times. Her energy was transformed. She was calm, and her voice had a relaxed tone to it when she said, “Wow, how did you know how to do that?”

That gave me the courage and inspiration to start looking for some formal training in hypnosis. It was not easy to find in those days. But I was persistent and expense be damned. I knew this was something that I just had to know more about.

Family and friends started asking me to hypnotize them—Wow! I went from “nerd” to life-of-the-party over night!

Now, I have been hypnotizing people professionally for over 27 years. And I can’t think of anything more fun to do with another person—well, actually, I can think of one thing, but you already know I have that kind of mind. <g>

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