“A New Hope”

Today I had a rebirth or sorts. Today I felt a pride in being a citizen of this country that I had not felt in forty years or so. When I was in college, I campaigned for Bobby Kennedy, because I believed in him. He was a leader that could unite the country. He was a leader that cared. We would build a better nation for everyone, not just the privileged. The day he was murdered was one of the saddest in my life. The hero was gone, and there weren’t any others around. There simply was no one to pick up that mantle and carry on.

Today, we saw a man take the oath of office that is a worthy successor of Bobby. He has united the country (or at least a big part of it). He does care. We will build a better nation for everyone, not just the privileged.

As my wife and I were talking about this new hope, we were looking over the orders that had come in for the Inauguration Day Sale (you know I did not start out calling it that–I’m turning over a new leaf). She said I should think like Obama. Why should this be only one day?

She was right (usually is, too, damn it). So the sale will go one for the rest of the week in honor of our New Hope.

Here is the deal, starting at 12 midnight Monday and lasting until 12 midnight Saturday, everything on our web site will be half price. Take the live class – half price. Gift certificate – half price. CDs – half price. You get the idea.

But come midnight Saturday, everything goes back to regular price.

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Peter O’Dell, MA


PS Here is the link to the sale page:  Click Here

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