Christmas Eve Dinner

Our wonderful neighbors from across the street invited Wendy and me to have dinner with them this evening, Christmas Eve.  What a wonderful, delightful family. Miguel is some sort of IT wizzard and Noemi is an RN — plenty of shop talk for Wendy and her.  Three beautiful young daughters, ranging from 5  to 9, I think.

I was deeply touched by their invitation to us for dinner. Both of my daughters live a thousand miles up north now. And Wendy’s family is just as far away 250 miles to the east.  Gorgeous as it is, paradise (S. FL) was seeming just a wee bit lonely on Christmas Eve.

What a feast! Turkey and ham. Stuffing and mashed potatoes.  A Peruvian salad made out of beets and beans. Good food, good friends and good conversation!

The last thing on my mind was doing any kind of business. I was just enjoying the peace of the evening in this wonderful home.  But people want to know what a hypnotist does. And how does he do it?

During the conversation, it comes up that Noemi had a phobia of water.  So, I asker her if she would like to get rid of it. Yes, naturally, living in S. FL and taking the kids to the beach on a regular basis. So, we did a three minute version of the fast phobia cure at the table with the whole family watching.

So, was she cured? Well, it was a bit late in the evening to suggest she run over to the beach.  But on a SUDS scale, the offending memory (almost drowning as a child) went from a 10 to a 3 or maybe lower. The shift in physiology suggested it was no longer a problem.

This is what I love about NLP. It is a way to help people change their lives in an instant. It can happen anywhere, any time. Sure, it works wonders in the office. But the process did something wonderful here, too.

And in a few minutes, the conversation was back to Santa Claus, Christmas presents and what’s going on in the neighborhood.