Lost? No Longer Lost?

I admit that I am a fan of the quirky guilty pleasure. After watching the finale, I poked around on some of the fan website. Most of the talk seemed to center around Jacob and the symbolism of his name. Lots of references to the Christian Bible. Maybe they are on to something. Maybe not.

As I watched the different beach scenes from different time period with colossal statue, I thought there was no question that it was Egyptian.  For one thing, the statue is holding an Ankh in each hand. That is the symbol of LIFE from ancient Egypt.  It can also represent life and death, balance of energies, male/female. And the tapestry that Jacob is weaving sure looks Egyptian to me, but I only saw glimpses of it.

And it was necessary for the Oceanic Six to return to the Island. Jack originally brought his father to the Island in a coffin. Now, Locke had to substitute for the father and return in the coffin in Jack’s fathers  (Christian???) place.

And at the end, we find out that the Locke we’ve watched for the last couple of weeks is really a much older character seen briefly at the beginning of the finale with Jacob. He tells Jacob that he wants to kill him and that he is looking for a loophole. Just before “Locke” orders Ben to kill Jacob, Jacob looks at him as says “you found your loophole.”

Is any of this starting to sound familiar? How about Osiris and Isis and their prolonged battle with Seth, evil brother of Osiris.  There are several versions of the Osiris myth (many of them can be found with a simple Google search).  But they all involve the fight between Osiris and Seth, Seth sending Osiris’s body away in a coffin, Isis bringing the coffin back so that Osiris can come back to life and rule, further treachery, and eventually Horus (son of Osiris), returning to do battle with Seth (good vs. evil). Eventually, Osiris will come back to life and rule all the earth.

Many mythology scholars argue that the Osiris myth was the model of the Jesus myth that the RCC has promulgated since 324.

It is not a one-to-one match, but I think this is where the final season is headed. Maybe Jack’s dad (Christian) will be revealed to be Osiris returned to life to rule the living and dead. The Egyptians have always said that Christianity is “their” religion with different names and labels.