Paying Attention?

Do you always notice when something happens? Are you paying attention?

When you are working with a client, your focus should be on the client, right? But what happens when the client does or says something that generates a significant response from your subconscious. It happens. And if you factor in the Law Of Attraction, it probably happens to all of us on a regular basis. Chances are we are going to attract a lot of clients that mirror our own short-comings.

Last night, I was working with a coaching client via phone–more and more of my client contact seems to be via phone these days. Guess it is the price of gas, or the power of the internet, or the fact that ATT selected the Death Star as its corporate emblem? Anyway, we were working on limiting beliefs that are holding her back in her career.
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One of the things that comes up from her subconscious is a belief that she is “only qualified for clerical jobs.” Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. She is bright, intelligent, creative, intuitive, not to mention that she has a BA from So. Cal. My understanding is that USC is a school where you actually have to show up, pay attention and do the work before they give you the degree.

As she starts to talk about this belief, I begin to feel a pain in my lower back and left hip. Within two minutes, I am in excruciating pain, to the point that I have to stand up and walk around the room as I talk on the phone. I cannot bear to sit still. I should point out that I have a history of lower back pain and am under the care of a great chiropractor. But still, it was obvious to me that there was some sort of connection.

I continued the session with her, and we used Timeline to regress her back to the source of the problem. Turns out it started with some kids in first grade teasing her at recess. Another big chunk of this belief was anchored to an exchange she had with her grandmother around age 10. The grandmother had a rather nasty disposition and told her to forget her dreams. She had to be able to care for herself financially. She had to do something practical like being a secretary.

We erased those memories and several more that were piled on top. Then we created a new future for her (and we placed that future is her past, so that she has been expecting it to appear all these years). Net result was that she finished the session feeling supercharged. Today, she went bike riding, something she had not done in years. Sounds like a good start to me.

When I hung up with her, I went to work on myself. Where did that strong physical response come from. Mine is a little harder to pinpoint, but it has to do with a conversation between my mother and her sister when I was six years old. I used the same techniques on myself that I used with the client.

I tell my NLP students that one of the first things you do with NLP is to learn to take the garbage out. You would never let the garbage pile up in your house. But crap just continues to accumulate in the subconscious unless you are vigilant about “cleaning your brain.” A clean brain is a healthy brain.

My back is a lot better now.