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When Do We Change?

I was watching new version of “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” One of the themes advanced in the movie is that humans only change when on the brink of destruction. That is similar to some of the ideas associated with 12-step programs–“you have to hit rock bottom”, etc.

Maybe that is true for addicts. Maybe it is true in the political arena–look at the insanity surrounding the efforts at health care reform. Some small improvements may come out of it, but for the time being the US will continue its descent into health care oblivion.

But what about at the individual level? Can we change? Do we have to wait until we are at the edge of destruction?

The answer is simple. We can change. Actually, it is pretty easy in most cases. What is missing is the right set of tools and knowing how to use them.

To me, that is the number one benefit of NLP training. It is a powerful set of tools that are easy to use.

Is there something in your life you want to change?

Why Not Now?

For over 100 years (since 1904, Max Planck) we’ve had absolute proof that the world we see around us is an illusion. If you can see it, touch it, taste it–it really does not exist. Society preaches just the opposite!

The history they taught us in school is hugely biased at best–outright lies in a lot of cases.Case in point: WWII. They say the Allies defeated the Nazis. Reality is they defeated Germany. The Nazis just packed up and moved, while systematically infiltrating US & Soviet industrial complexes. Skeptical? Look up “Operation Paperclip,” then listen to Ike’s farewell address at the end of his second term.

Most of the religious crap shoved down our throats was created by Roman politicians in 325 AD.”Primitive” Christianity was very different than the official State Religion created by the Roman politicos. Do you think they might have had an ulterior motive????  (And the “Protestants” picked the wrong things to protest.)

All this adds up to tons of limiting beliefs. Every culture and sub culture has its own set that are passed down from generation to generation. And it is usually set up in terms of “God says” do this and don’t do that.

My conclusion: There are no “rules” except act with kindness and do as little harm as possible. No one “on the other side” cares what we do with our body fluids. Limitations are all self-imposed. Might as well choose to be happy all the time and have a good time.

Action step: I’m doing my “bucket list” now–why wait until some ass in a white coat tells me I have only a few months left.

BTW: NLP has some wonderful tools for getting rid of limiting beliefs. Check it out:

Turning Points Or Tipping Points?

I was watching a Frank Kern video last night, where he talked about making a decision that changed his life–and it impacted a number of his friends. And they made decisions that impacted his life. And so on.

But do most of us actually make decisions? Do we really decide what we want and go after it? Or do we drift along until the current becomes overwhelming and we are thrown onto a new path (more a tipping point than a turning point)?

In my younger days, my life was largely one of drifting into the tipping points. I’ve never been afraid to make a decision, but so many of them were “bad” decisions because they were so heavily influenced by the subconscious emotions.

More and more, I am moving into a world, where I make decisions consciously. That is not to say that my conscious mind has taken over for the subconscious. I am not so naive to believe that such a thing is even possible–nor would I want it. No, I am saying that I have cleaned out enough of the garbage and crap in the subconscious that I can now communicate with it in ways not possible before.

And this clean up, this taking out the mental garbage, has been almost totally done with NLP techniques. For that, I am truly thankful.

That is what NLP has done for me.

Four Christs & NLP

As an undergraduate, I remember a social-psych professor raving about a book called The Three Christs of Ypsilanti (1964) by Milton Rokeach. Ypsilanti is a small town between Ann Arbor and Detroit on I-94 (that road probably did not exist in ’64). Rokeach was a hot-shot professor at U of M in Ann Arbor. Ypsilanti State Hospital was home of a bunch of people who had been declared insane for one reason or another.

Three of the inmates all claimed to be Jesus Christ. Rokeach got the idea of bringing all three together in a sort of group therpay program. He figured that when confronted with each other’s delusion, it would force them back to reality. Not so. To cut to the chase, the three Christs came together in what amounted to a “mastermind group” to help each other further their delusions along. So much for group therapy.

And before I get hate mail from the psych dudes and dudettes, let me acknowledge that it is a classic. It is well worth reading — and my recollection is that it reads more like a novel than an accademic tome.

Fast forward a decade or so and shift west 2200 miles or so to another mental institution in CA. Here they have only one “Christ” at the moment. Richard Bandler gets called in for a consult–this was the hot-n-heavy times after the Time Magazine cover for the two modest saviors of therapy.

On his first visit, Bandler interviews “Christ” for a few minutes and tells him he will see him later. A few days later, Bandler returns dressed as a blue collar worker. He was wearing a tool belt and dragging two huge boards. When he came into the room, he did not even acknowledge “Christ.” Bandler set about working on the boards and measuring “Christ’s” height and wing span.

Of course, “Christ” is becoming more and more curious and keeps asking questions, which Bandler ignores. Finally, displaying a fair amount of annoyance, Bandler turns to him and says more than asks, “I’m busy. I have to get this done. So you are Jesus Christ, right?”

“Christ” responds, “Yes.”

Bandler says, “Okay, it seems to me we have a destiny awaiting us. You are Jesus Christ. I am a Jew. Easter is just around the corner. I have to get this thing put together to fulfill my part of our destiny.”

At this point, “Christ” decided he was not really Jesus. He was just Joe the Plumber or whatever he had been before being committed. Bandler was more committed to his delusion than he was.

My point is not to poke fun at the mentally ill. When you are working with other people, you can try to force them into your world (group therapy approach) or you can climb inside their world and work from there. That is what you learn to do in NLP. It is a far more effective approach–sanity or lack thereof is not an issue. This principle cuts across all levels of society.

My whole Basic NLP class is available on CDs. It is a great way to learn these skills at your own pace in the privacy of your home, office or car.

Parts Is Parts

If you are even half as old as I am, you probably remember that line from a fast-food ad of the 80s. Patron: What part of the chicken does this come from? Dumb Kid Clerk: Parts is Parts.

I love NLP and what it has done for me. But loving something does not mean ignoring its inherent weaknesses. One aspect of NLP that always bothered me was “parts” work. If you are not familiar with NLP and parts work, here is the25-word summary: Parts are sub-personalities that function inside our minds in a semi-autonomous way. Also, they almost always are stuck in time and function at the level of a small child–not particularly resourceful.  When we feel like we are at war with ourselves, it is almost always a parts conflict.

When I first got involved, an internal conflict was resolved with The Visual Squash. Done in the classic format, that can take well over 30 minutes. And it is boring as hell. Just sitting there watching your client’s hands move in that jerky fashion. And, although not impossible, it is not easy to do for yourself. But it works, and I did it until something better came along.

Something better was still the same process, but using hypnotic language patterns to accelerate the “squash.” Finally, somebody came up with the idea of using sliding anchors. Now, instead of 30 minutes, it is only maybe 5 to 7.

But you still have to play “Philadelphia Lawyer” with the parts. And some parts do not like that! Imagine! Some parts just do not want to cooperate, no matter how much you suck up to them. Of course, if you have a couple of hours, you can always do Core Transformation. That always seems to work, but I’m not very patient. My bad.

So, I kept experimenting with clients trying to find a faster, easier way do resolve parts problems, even with the shy or uncooperative part. Finally, I stumbled across a process using the client’s timeline that speeds things up dramatically. And the part does not have to do anything, or cooperate or whatever. The whole process is controlled by the client. At the end, the part is dramatically changed.

My first target after working with my own parts, was smokers. In two minutes or less, the part that has just been dying for a smoke is totally turned around and telling the client to give it up now! I do not know what the limitations are on this process, because I have not found a parts issue where it does not work.

So, do you have any internal conflicts that are blocking you? Ever feel like you are shooting yourself in the foot? Is it time to clean up the mess inside?

It seems to me that there might be some other hypnotists/NLPers/therapy types that would be interested in learning to do this process, too. So, I decided to offer a training to the public. If the economy were better, I probably would not consider teaching this process to anyone for less than $500, which is what I charge individuals for my stop smoking program. But everyone is hurting now, so I figure it is time to take a different approach.

I am going to do a tele-class (call in on the telephone) and teach it to as many people as I can. It is so simple to do, that you will learn it in an hour or so. You do not have to know anything about timelines or parts (won’t hurt you if you do). When the class is done, you can fix yourself (or your clients, if you are working with them). There is nothing to buy after the class, either–I detest those “bait and switch” product launches.

Not $500. Not $300. Not even $99 nor that magic number of $47 (Where the hell did that figure come from?)

Nope. It is just $9.95. That’s all. Nothing else to buy. No dues to pay. Just a one-time charge!
One-Session Tele-Seminar
Internal Conflict — Rapid Resolution!
Mar 5
9:00 – 10:15 PM Eastern

If you want to learn a new way to clean up your internal conflicts, go on over to the web site and sign up for the tele-class.

Thought Forms? Is There Anything Else?

Lynn, my coach, said something to me during our first session that has stuck with me. She said that the longer she worked in these areas (NLP, Hypnosis, therapy, etc.), the more convinced she is that it is all about energy. I did not immediately buy or reject that idea.

I think of having a mental shelf somewhere in my cavernous brain. If I am not sure about an idea, I put it there. Later on, I pull it down, dust it off and take another look.

So, if I step back and look at what I know works, something interesting comes to light.  Here is what I am thinking.

EFT works. Tap on energy meridians in certain patterns, and problems go away. BTW, I am not an advocate of EFT–it has always seemed too cumbersome for me. I know that Tadd James’s Timeline Therapy works. Dissociate like hell, float behind the incident on your timeline, look at the timeline until the distortion goes away. When the distortion is gone, so is the problem.

Parts Integration works.  So does the Fast Phobia Cure.  Running a movie backwards makes the problem go away?? Move your eyes to extremem positions while thinking about a problem makes it go away.  Mess with the kino submodalities of a problem can make it go away.

And it does not even have to be this lifetime (timeline). You can go back and clear past-life timelines. For that matter, it does not even have to be “your” timeline. You can do it other people’s timelines.

And recently, I have been using sacred prayers to clean out problems–Not the kind of praying they taught you in Sunday School. The kind that Gregg Braden talks about.

No analysis. No logical thinking. Just doing these different modalities makes a problem go away. What the hell is going on?

The more I think about it, the more it all sounds like Thought Forms. Okay, before you start posting comments, let me define what I am calling “Thought Forms.” It is just mental energy that is organized along some idea and probably has a strong emotional content to it. Organized, emotionalized mental energy that sort of takes on a “life” of its own. It is life-like without actually being alive.

In my mind, I visualize it akin to balloons filled with a slimey, yuckey, heavy energy inside. Pop the balloon (break up the organization) and the energy just drains away.

So, doesn’t that bring us to the door steps of magic and Shamanism?

Is there anything else?