What If Tomorrow Never Came?

I think that is the title of a song or book. But what got me to thinking about it is a movie, “Frequency” staring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. It is a SF thriller of sorts with Caviezel talking to his fireman father 30 years earlier via ham radio and a strange Aurora Borealis. In the movie (which I think is superb), Caviezel tells Quaid that he will die the next day in a warehouse fire if he “follows his instincts.” Quaid reluctantly listens and history is changed–partially better, partially worse. And the movie goes on from there.

The movie hits me on a lot of levels (like “Field of Dreams”), but this time it got me thinking, “What would I do today if I knew for certain that I would die tomorrow?” A list started to form in my mind. Nothing grandiose, just simple little things like hanging out with my kids and telling Wendy that I love her. Then my voice (remember Magnum PI and his “little voice”? I think the voice moved into my head when that show got canceled.) piped in. “Why don’t you live every day like that?”

Well, why not? I remember a football player several years ago who told reporters that before every game, he asked himself, “What if this is the last time I ever get to play football? How do I want to be remembered?”

So, tomorrow you are going to die. What are you going to do today?