The Seed Of A Greater Benefit

Here’s an experiment to play with the next time something bad happens. Try this instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Feel a sense of gratitude. That may sound crazy to start with, but it seems to work. I am not suggesting some sort of masochism, where you thank the universe for punishing you.
It is more like this: There has to be something good here. I don’t know what it is. But I’m grateful for it. I am thankful for whatever good is going to come out of this situation. There is a blessing hidden here, and soon I will find out what it is. Try it and see what happens.
Last night something unpleasant happened. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it would be something that I would NOT have chosen to have happen. Instead of feeling bad about it. I started thanking the universe for it. I had no expectations that the underlying situation would change. There was no reason to expect that the once I got up this morning, things would be different.
But that’s exactly what had happened. The other party involved in this had done a complete 180 reversal. Interesting. And, in the meantime, I have thought of a couple of things that I should be doing other than depending on this other person. I will come out way ahead of where I was without losing anything.
What was it Napoleon Hill said? Something like, “In every disaster there lies the seed of an even greater opportunity.” I think he is right.
So my suggestion to you is the next time something bad happens. Start looking for the hidden blessing. It may not be like this situation where things completely change. But I bet you will find that there is a blessing. One way or another.
Try it and see what happens