Saving Mother Earth

We had an NLP Grad meeting tonight and discussed Jackie Lapin’s new book, The Art Of Conscious Creation ( It was fantastic. Went over her 25 Universals. Nothing new or super exciting, except she basically modeled all the main people in the “intention” field (pun intentional, OMG, so was that one). Then she did a compare and contrast to come up with the 25. Very “NLPish” approach. But I see the list of 25 as a “check list” for someone “working” on an intention project.

But what I really like is where she is going with this phenomenal power that we all have–not about getting a bigger car or a better relationship. Nope, she is working on gathering people together to heal Mother Earth and reverse the horrendous damage that we have done. That is something that I can sink my teeth into!

She has set up a special foundation to promote this use of intention. Check it out at (

Why not? The species you save may be your own!