NLP Training Is As NLP Training Does

Sorry, I just felt a little “Gumpish” tonight. Sometimes you just cannot see the forest for the trees. Things that are obvious to everyone else are hidden right in front of you. I just purchased a program from another trainer to help me get past that”stuck” feeling I have been having. It is a great little program, but there is nothing in it that I did not already know. Except, I could not see any of it until I put myself through his program. I am happy I did. It was just what I needed, and it was money well spent.

A student from one of my recent NLP Trainings came in for her FREE session this week–for a long time now, I have offered a FREE session after the training as a bonus to get people to sign up for the class. The idea is this: okay, you have the “book learning” from the class, now come in and experience how it is used in the real world. You can see the details at <;

I am constantly amazed at how few people take me up on the offer. It is not like they are unhappy with the class–97% of my students are delighted with the class. Of course, there was this one gal who went nuts because I do not use PowerPoint. We had a long “discussion” after the class. In talking to her, it was obvious that she had totally missed the meaning of the class. Even if I had been using PowerPoint, she would have missed it. In her mind, Learning only happens in the frontal lobe of the brain. She truly believes her conscious mind is running the show. Oh, well. Some days you are the dog, some days you are the tree.

So, why don’t more students take me up on the offer? I think they got what they needed during the class. It is some sort of corollary for the “Wounded Healer Syndrome.” Most of us got into this stuff basically to fix ourselves. We justify that we are taking a training program (an NLP Class) or any other because we are going to learn something to help our clients. But deep down the real motivation is to learn something to fix ourselves. And that sure happens inside an NLP Class–at least, it does in mine.

Every technique is demo’d, then the students brake up into groups and “do” each other. So, I see a lot of people experiencing tremendous personal growth in the four days they are with me. They end up making huge changes in their lives. And they get an NLP certification to boot. So, I think they are more than content with “just taking” the class. I am satisfied with the program I downloaded last night. I don’t feel like I need to go back to that trainer, even though he probably has a lot more to offer me. I got what I was looking for.

Once in a while, you get the student that is like a sponge–they want to soak up everything. That is how I was. And that is how my student who came in this week is. How does this stuff work? What can I do with it? Are there any real limits to where I can go?

Life is like a box of . . . . .