Goals & Specifics

There are some business goals I have been working on for about a year now. Let’s be kind and just say that progress was slow–think in terms of glaciers. A few weeks ago, I began working with a business partner. His skill sets are different from mine, and that is a good thing.

Through him, I have found out that I was basically going about the whole process wrong. It is not that the things he is suggesting are all that esoteric or obscure. Nope. I just did not go looking at these areas for ideas on how best to do the projects.

You could say Idid not do my homework (didn’t). But that sort of accusation does little to prevent future occurances. As I look back over the goals I set up, I was just to damned specific in the “hows” of what I wanted to accomplish. Had I left those areas a little more vague, I might have been open to looking around to alternative approaches.

In the long run, it may be a blessing in disguise. My partner is good at things that I am not, and I am good at things that he is not. I think we have a great future together.

In the meantime,  when I set up new goals, the “hows” are going to be real vague.