“Forgiving Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself”

Forgiving? Who is it for? When we hold hate or anger or some other negative emotion against someone, who does it hurt? Them? Probably not much–even if you factor in all the connectivity of sub atomic physics.

The negative emotions hurt the person carrying them a thousand times more than anyone else. In worst case situations, it leads to all sorts of problems. Sometimes it destroys the body, itself.

There is a reason that all the great spiritual traditions exhort their followers to forgive. Just one question: How do you do it?

I think two things are absolutely essential. First, you must have the intention to forgive.  Second, you must declare it in some form. For me, a short sacred prayer seems to work best. For others, it might be some sort of ceremony.  Or maybe a mantra.

Whatever you choose, just repeat it until you feel the energy shift in your body. When you forgive, the energy shift is a big one. So, even if you are not tuned into the energy flow in your body normally, you will be able to notice it.

And sometimes it is a little like peeling an onion. A new layer shows up a day or two later. Just stay with it.

Soon, you will be totally FREE.  That is a good thing.

Here is a link to a short talk I gave a couple of weeks ago.  <http://www.success-is-easy.com/free_downloads.htm&gt;


Peter O’Dell