The Power of NLP: Soap For The Brain

I’ve been conducting NLP Trainings for over 10 years now, so you might think that I would be little blase’ about it. But the truth is that NLP never ceases to amaze me. One aspect of it is what I think of as “taking out the garbage.” They teach us to wash our hands when they get dirty. And if you get something really toxic spilled on you, a whole herd of government gnomes dressed in white or yellow hazmat suits will appear and scrub the hell out of your body.

But what about the garbage in your brain? But what about the dirt in your brain? What about the toxins in your brain? Nobody hands you a bar of soap and tells you to wash the dirt out. But this is one of the things NLP does so well. I know, NLP is so much more than that. I know it is. But this is so powerful compared to any other technology we have in the “real world.” And there are so many different ways to neutralize toxic thoughts with NLP.

Case in point: Last night I was doing some meditation before sleep and working on my back. I wrenched it a bit a few days ago, and it was still hurting. So, as I am working on my back, my mind suddenly flashes to a scene from a movie that I saw in the mid ’70s–I think it was “The Four Musketeers.” At one point, I barely avoided vomiting in the theater. Thought I would have to leave. It was just a sound effect. But, my God, it affected me.

Don’t remember the plot, but some gal had betrayed the boys, so they took her to some island where a “headsman” would chop her head off. They turned her over to this brute, and the camera just focused on them making small talk. Then, you heard the distant “thump!” I almost lost my cookies. And it is one of those memories that sticks with you if you do not clean it up.

So, I stopped working on the back and used Timeline to go back to the root cause (ISE). I was really surprised when the subconscious came up with it being something that I experienced after birth. Going into it, I was pretty certain that I would find the cause in a past life–one of several where I lost my head. Not so. I went to a time when I was maybe 4 years old. We were living on the farm in WV. My mother raised chickens, sold the eggs, and pretty often butchered some of them for food.

I vividly recalled seeing her chop the head off and then release the chicken’s headless-body. It would run around on the ground squirting blood several inches into the air until it would finally fall over twitching into lifelessness. I think she took some sort of pleasure in this activity. Or maybe it was pride? Pride in being able to provide wholesome food for her family? I don’t know. All I know is that it freaked me out.

Then another memory popped in–butchering a steer. I was a little older, maybe 7. My Dad and uncle each owned half interest. The steer was just standing there eating grass in the field. One of them shot him in the back of the head with a .22 riffle. The front knees buckled, and he went down. Next, they were dragging the body around with a tractor, and hoisting it up so they could “drain the blood.” I think that is what they called it. Somehow, this was not as bad as the chickens, but it left its mark on my psyche. And there were other animals similarly dispatched, but those memories are not so vivid.

Here is what I am getting at: those memories were really vivid, because there was a huge negative charge to them. Last night and today, I have been working on them with different NLP techniques. Auditory stuff seems to work best for me. Anchoring would work, too, but you need someone to guide you through it. Fast Phobia and Eye Movements work, also. Already, these memories seem to be fading away. The negative charge is gone. I do not like to think about any animal being killed. But I am not a vegetarian. At least, I’m not right now. Have been in the past. Might be again in the future.

And my back feels a lot better.