Nothing New (Good News)

So far, so good. I do not seem to be getting that onion skin effect that I feared. Change seems to be permanent, no going back.  I could get used to this.

Okay, so this process really seems to work. Now, what else can I blow out? What other nasty (imaginary) limitations can I get rid of? Fear and avoidance of something new? Sometimes I avoid something that I am not sure of? Is that the same kind of hang up? Not sure. I am going to have to dig deeper.



Another Day

The changed state continues. Now, it is even hard to remember the old emotions (too bad, eh?).  Very, very interesting. It just goes on. The whole thing with Bush/Cheney seems silly. They just seem like totally misguided children.  More to be pitied than hated. Certainly not feared. Buffoons.

And then, Wendy pulls out the Sports section of the paper and reads out loud to me the story of the Nadal & Federer match. The author had some pretty nasty digs at Federer.  Wendy is saying, “You are going to love this . . .” and stuff like that. She was right, the old me from a couple of days ago would have wallowed in someone taking shots at Federer. Somehow (how????) I just felt sorry for him.  It is just a sport.  That part of me that is “the observer” is just standing there watching my reaction (more like my non reaction). How can something so deep-seated change? And change so fast? And so completely?

If I had not experienced this, I would not believe it–and that is coming from someone who has turned his life totally upside down with hypnosis and NLP. There have been huge, dramatic, rapid changes in the past. All good. All wonderful. But as big as this??? I don’t know.

A couple of weeks ago I began questioning “What are my limits? Are there any?” Well, I may not be able to answer that definitively, but here is the deal so far. The limits that I thought were there turned out to be an illusion. That is soooooo damned cool!

I just feel lighter. There is feeling of relaxation and peace. i could get used to this!!!!

The acupuncture session was good, too. Courtney (the acupuncturist) had someone in the office with a dog today at the same time we were there with Juliet (parrot). Maybe her true calling is to specialize in treatment of pets?


Proof Is In The . . .

Okay, it has been a full 24 hours since I did the timeline regressions last night. Spent the day in a very light-hearted mood with more energy than usual. Interestingly, people that have made me very, very angry in the past have little impact on me today. This is a huge change. Don’t get me wrong. I still think that Bush/Cheney are attempting to destroy the Republic. They want a dictatorship. I believe that they are working consciously and deliberately toward that end. I don’t like it. But I do not have that visceral reaction that was there up until last night. It is just not there. Gone. Damn!

And there are other things that point to a change. Nadal defeated Federer at the French Open. That makes me happy, but in the past I think I would have projected more negativity at Federer. Why? I don’t know. He just turns me off. I think I might even have felt a twinge of sympathy for him. (Nadal really whipped his ass this time.) Me? Sympathetic to Federer??? Very strange. Something has happened.

The only question left is how permanent is the change? Will the anger regenerate? Is there more to be dealt with?

Technical point. Seems to be disadvantage in flattening out the whole lifetime. Better to separate the good from the bad, do the work on the bad, and leave the good intact. Hmmmm. Think we are onto something here.

From The Records

Wendy and I went into the records, and I asked about my deep-seated anger (rage?) at anything that resembles Nazis or religious bigotry (Church leadership). I got little or no info, but they really opened up to her. I have reacted with such intense anger to the behavior of Bush, Cheney, preachers and all the others that i perceive as little Hitlerettes because it reminds me of past or present tendencies that I had. Classic description of projection, but it sure seems to fit. Before I can forgive them, I must forgive myself. Interesting.

How do I do this? Do I have to know of each of my offenses from past lives? Do I have to revisit each one? Went back to the first timeline for each and erased that timeline. Okay. Now, I bring up a picture of someone who in the past would have tripped the anger. Hmmmm? No anger. No rage.

Is it a 100% cure? Not sure. Sometimes you are dealing with the onion-skin principle. Peel off a layer, wait a few days, and a new layer floats up. Will that happen this time?  Not sure, but it does not feel like it?

What Am I Doing?

Here is what I have been thinking about a lot. I understand that it is all energy. If you assume that matter exists (as such), then you are dead in the Newtonian water.  So, we are organized energy, energy with an intelligence. Gregg Braden talks about having a light heart free of hurts. I get that. I know how to heal the hurts that are at the surface, but how do I get to the ones that are so deep that I do not even know they are there?????

Two or three things come to mind: I can do a regression to cause via hypnosis or timeline. That will work in some cases, but what I am looking at is deep, really deep. Maybe the answer is not on this level. Maybe this is a case where the best course of action is to go into the Akashic Records and ask the Masters and Guides?

More to come.