When Do We Change?

I was watching new version of “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” One of the themes advanced in the movie is that humans only change when on the brink of destruction. That is similar to some of the ideas associated with 12-step programs–“you have to hit rock bottom”, etc.

Maybe that is true for addicts. Maybe it is true in the political arena–look at the insanity surrounding the efforts at health care reform. Some small improvements may come out of it, but for the time being the US will continue its descent into health care oblivion.

But what about at the individual level? Can we change? Do we have to wait until we are at the edge of destruction?

The answer is simple. We can change. Actually, it is pretty easy in most cases. What is missing is the right set of tools and knowing how to use them.

To me, that is the number one benefit of NLP training. It is a powerful set of tools that are easy to use.

Is there something in your life you want to change?