Peter O’Dell, the founder of Success Easy, is a Master NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotist. His academic background includes a BA from Marshall University in 1970, an MA from the City College of New York in 1973 and two years of Doctoral Studies at the University of Michigan.

He is a successful, nationally recognized author with one published book and hundreds of magazine articles to his credit. Additionally, he developed and markets several lines of audio hypnosis tapes.

He has nearly 30 years experience in hypnosis and training and is a Master NLP Trainer.

You can contact Peter through his web site:


Peter O'Dell Photo

Peter O'Dell is a Master NLP Trainer.


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  1. Like the idea of vague how-to. Really leaves the door open for ultimate possibilities & maybe we’ll spot just one new portal to the new world.

    If every web site was set up the same way instead of each being unique life would be a hell of a lot easier.

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