Unearthing Limiting Beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs. Some have far fewer than others, but unless you are on the verge of dissolving into white light and floating off this rock, you have limiting beliefs.

The trouble is that we are often only vaguely aware of them. We see the results everyday, but the belief itself never seems to make it all the way into the conscious mind. Sometimes, when it does get there, that is pretty much all that you need for change. Like a vampire suddenly exposed to broad daylight, that belief crumbles and dissolves under the weight of its own absurdity. Sort of like Emily Latilla of SNL fame. http://www.success-is-easy.com/training_programs.htm

But what to do with the ones that do not make it into the conscious mind? Here is a suggestion that I passed on to a client who came in for an Akashic Records (psychic) reading this week. Although she is an intelligent, articulate attractive woman, she cannot seem to find anyone suitable to date.

Here is what her Guides suggested she do: Take the current behavior that you have, and ask yourself what would be 180-degrees opposite of what you are doing. Once you’ve zeroed in on that, make a statement to yourself that you are going to start behaving that way. They emphasized that all they were asking her to do was make the statement, not take the action.

Making that statement will activate the neurology (out of the metaphysical and back to NLP) of the limiting belief.  Now pay close attention to what is going on inside. What are your physical feelings? What images come to mind? What voices do you hear? And so forth. Just focus on whatever is happening.

Chances are that a “long forgotten” memory is going to pop up. Maybe a conversation between your parents that you overheard as an infant. Now ask yourself how you would evaluate that memory if it were happening today. Does it make sense? How has it impacted the decisions you have made down through your life? Do you want to go on making those same decisions?

NLP has a number of techniques that can help you wipe out a limiting belief, once you know what it is. Take a look at what we are offering right now:  http://www.success-is-easy.com/gift_certificates.htm


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